CCI Aps Strips #350 Large Pistol Magnum


What are CCI APS strips?
The APS strip primer feed system takes the tedium out of priming cases. Primers are preloaded in self-feeding APS strips. Primers stay clean and oil-free because you don’t have to handle them individually. The strips are color-coded so you can quickly identify the primer type in use.

CCI Aps Strips

It’s easy to prime brass with CCI’s APS Bench Priming Tool and other auto priming equipment from RCBS. One strip holds 25 primers and can be linked together for continuous loading. The primers are pre-loaded into the strips, reducing contamination risk. The APS Primer Strip Loader can reload primer strips.

CCI 350 APS Magnum Large Pistol Primer Strips (1000 Count) - 11442139

CCI Primers are constantly improved. CCI primers are now more sensitive, easier to seat, and compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment. This is achieved by using non-corrosive, non-mercuric initiator mixes.



Product Information | CCI Aps Strips


Primer Size Large Pistol Magnum

Delivery Information


Shipping Weight 0.900 Pounds – 4.800 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes
HazMat Product Yes

CCI Large Pistol APS Mag Primers Strip #350 Box of 1000 (40 Strips of


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