Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primers #200


what are Federal 200 Primers?

The Fed 200 can be either a small rifle primer or a small pistol magnum primer. All the Fed pistol primers are 1xx – except for the small pistol magnum primer. Federal 200 Primers


Federal 200 Primers | federal small pistol primers | Small Pistol Magnum Primers #200

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1000 Piece
Primer Size
Small Pistol Magnum

Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primers | Federal 200 Primers

Federal No.100 Small Pistol Primers (Pkt.1000)


For my 2.73.0g target loads of red dot, bullseye, wst, etc., I’ve been utilizing fspm primers in 38 special for almost two decades. Using two different primers would have been a hassle as I was also loading 357 magnum rounds. When firing double action, my Python didn’t always trigger other types of primers, which is why I switched to Federal primers in the first place.

Once upon a time, before there was the internet. With a mag primer, some experts recommend reducing the powder charge by a few tenths of a grain. What I know is that I never use regular.38 primers. Federal 200 Primers

The FSPM are my preferred primers for competition loads in 9mm and 38 mid.

Chronographing them against FSP primers consistently gives me smaller ES and lower SD.

Interestingly, the max velocity is either the same or a bit lower.

These are NOT max loads or anything close to that.

YMMV, proceed with caution.

Now, if I could just find more FSPM…

been able to find many Fsp standard primers, but have located Fspm primers. Federal 200 Primers

Is there any reason to avoid using the magnum primers with reduced .38 Special or reduced .357 loads?

My wardrobe was stocked with a few of them during the last component scarcity. So I began loading them into my a total of 40 little cargoes. Targets and steel plates are unable to discern any distinctions between each other. I use magnum primers in all of my rifles and pistols, regardless of model. There are 38 different variations on this theme.

Federal 200 Primers


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