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Hodgdon Clays | Hodgdon

Since 1992, Clays gunpowder has been “taking the clay target world by storm.” It is the cleanest-burning, most consistent 12 gauge 7/8-, 1- and 1-1/8-oz. powder available today and the preferred choice of competitive target shooters. Clays’ burning characteristics produce soft, smooth recoil and excellent patterns.

Hodgdon CLAYS 8 lbs Powder

What is the difference between clays and Universal Clays?

Heavier powder charges needed to get cartridge loads up to the same velocity as Clays can. Often a good powder for 20 gauge loads. Universal Clays is the slowest burn rate of the three. It was made for 20 gauge loads (and smaller gauges) and to burn very close to Unique powder rates.

Hodgdon Clays | Hodgdon



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