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Hodgdon VARGET®


Varget is an extruded propellant in the Hodgdon line of Extreme series of powders. Varget features small, extruded grains for uniform metering, is insensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and produces higher energy for improved velocities over other powders in its burning-speed class.

The powder ignites quickly and burns clean, translating into superb accuracy, higher scores, and more clean, one-shot kills. Hodgdon Varget

Varget is the perfect powder for shooting the 223 Remington with heavy bullets in competitive matches. Outstanding performance and velocity can be obtained in such popular cartridges as the 22-250 Remington, 308 Winchester, 30-06, 375 H&H and many more. Hodgdon Varget 

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Is Varget a good powder for 30-06? | Hodgdon Varget 

I use Varget with 150gr hunting bullets in 30-06.It works great with that for a mild load around 2850fps with 50gr and a CCI primer. Hodgdon load data shows Varget in the middle of performance for 168gr with H or IMR 4350 at the top for velocity.
good hodgdon varget powder 8 lb | hodgdon varget in stock Buy Now


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