Remington 209 STS Primers (1000)


what are Remington STS 209 Primers ?

Remington Premier STS Primers #209 shot-shells Description
Extensive testing with a variety of commonly-used reloading powders has shown that 209 Premier STS primers, compared to other commonly-used primers, create reductions of up to 40 percent in the high-to-low spread of velocities in reloads.



There are several subcomponents that make up a Remington primerRemington STS 209 Primers ). The primer cup is perfectly sized and the priming mix is accurately produced to provide consistent ignition with a wide range of powder types and compositions. Primers are tested for reliability at -20°F to +150°F. In spite of the odd tripod anvil design, the firing pin strikes the anvil off-center, resulting in a larger strike area. remington sts 209 primers

Remington 209 Premier STS Shotshell Primers (1,000)

Compared to other regularly used primers, the 209 Premier STS primers ( Remington STS 209 Primers ) can lower the high-to-low spread of velocities in reloads by up to 40%. Those reloading target loads for practice or competition will notice an increase in velocity consistency.

Remington Shotshell Primers 209 Premier Sts 100 Pk. Hazmat

Premier STS 209 primers can be used in place of older ® 209P primers without requiring any changes to the supplied reloading formulae. Consult powder producers for their ideas. Depending on the powder, 209 Premier STS primers (Remington STS 209 Primers) can reduce the high-to-low velocity spread in reloads by up to 40%.


Remington’s extensive testing with a variety of reloading powders found that 209 Premier STS primers ( Remington STS 209 Primers ) can minimize the high-to-low variance of velocities in reloads by up to 40%. This boost in velocity constancy benefits the shooter and their teammates when reloading target loads for practice or competition.


Each Kleanbore primer is made up of subcomponents built to exacting standards. The primer cup’s dimensions are exact to four decimal places. The priming mix is properly formulated for a wide range of powder types to ensure consistent ignition. It has also been tested for reliability from -20°F to +150°F. Each primer pellet is accurately weighed at.01 grams. The tripod anvil design allows for a larger “sweet spot” with optimal sensitivity, even with off-center firing pin impacts. Finally, each batch is visually inspected before going through essential ballistic testing.

Product Overview

Premier STS Shotshell Primer Remington 209 (2000 Count). The Remington 209 Premier STS Shotshell Primers ( Remington STS 209 Primers ) are designed with a carefully established chemical composition to provide fast and consistent ignition with any powder. The velocity spread has been reduced by 40%. The primers are built to the same specifications and load data as prior 209 primers.

They are built and proven to work in temperatures ranging from -20°F to +150°F. Remington STS 209 Primers are manufactured to strict standards with a variance of no more than.0003 ounces. We visually inspect and test all 209 Premier STS Shotshell Primers ( Remington STS 209 Primers ).

Specifications and Features:

  • Designed To Perform From -20°F To +150°F
  • Weight Checked To .0003 Oz
  • 100% Visually Inspected
  • All Brass Primer Cup
  • Covered Flash Hole
  • The most consistent primer available
  • Premier STS primers reduce shot to shot velocity variations up to 40 percent in reloads
  • Premier STS primers can be substitued for Remington’s previous 209 primers without changes in published reloading formulas
  • Hot-burning, non mercuric and non-corrosive misture ensures complete powder burn and clean barrel
  • Remington primers feature all-brass primer cup and brass plated battery cup, with covered flash hole.

Remington STS 209 primers   (2000/box)

Multi purpose 209 from Remington.

Part # 209 Primers Type & Use: Box/Case Diam.
#F616 Fiocchi 616 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.242″
#RIO209 Rio 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.245″
#CH209 Cheddite 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.242″
#CCI CCI 209 small-bore & mild 1000/5000 0.240″
#CCIM CCI 209 Magnum magnum 209 uses 1000/5000 0.240″
#209A Federal 209A multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.241″
#R209 Remington STS multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.241″
#W209 Winchester 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.2415″

Product Information

2000 Piece
United States of America

Delivery Information


6.300 Pounds

Made In United States of America

 WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –


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